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If you are a prospective graduate student applying for admission in Fall 2016, please contact me to discuss my current research.

Ideally, prospective lab members have taken statistics and social psychology courses, are good with computers, and have used MS Office products, as well as PsycInfo and other databases. None of these are essential, however; much more important is that my lab team has people who are smart, get things done, work carefully and responsibly, are intrinsically motivated, and fit in with our informal yet occasionally intense lab vibe.

Students will participate in all aspects of the research enterprise: conducting experimental sessions, data processing and entry, literature reviews, stimulus design, and idea generation. Although students sometimes join the lab for a semester or two, I prefer to have students who will be part of the team for more than a year, ultimately working on their own independent projects.

If you’re interested in joining the lab, download this application, and send it to me at rutchick[at], CC’ing our lab account at rutchicklab[at] You can save data typed into the form. When saving your application, please add the month and year you’re applying and append your full name to the filename (for example, if Tom Smith applied in June 2015, he would rename the file “ASP_Lab_App_6.15_TomSmith.pdf”). Please answer all questions, but do not answer the question that asks about your favorite restaurant, as this will help us with our decision-making process. **NOTE: It is NOT recommended you enter in data using your browser (e.g., Chrome) PDF viewer. It may not save your entered data. If you must use your browser’s PDF viewer, PRINT TO PDF to save your completed application (NOT save). Be sure to double check your application once you have entered and saved your data BEFORE you attach it to an email (you may be sending a blank document).

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